BluePhilanthropy is the result of years spent within Catholic and Healthcare fundraising. BluePhilanthropy is a project that seeks to answer the question: “what roles do dioceses, parishes and Catholic Institutions play in overall Catholic Philanthropy?  How then will we go about raising money for the mission of the Church?”  We are currently studying select diocesan markets, a cross-section of large and small, wealthy and resource-constrained.

Healthcare philanthropy can offer a lot to diocesan fundraising. Mainly, that the more resources spent on philanthropy, the higher the return on investment. But what if diocesan markets could optimize their fundraising while still accessing high-tech tools regularly enjoyed by healthcare and higher-ed?  The BluePhilanthropy Project seeks to answer that question.

Rob Faughnan, CFRE

Hello! I’ve been in nonprofit philanthropy for over 20 years.  I began my career in human services, spent about ten years leading diocesan fundraising and the last six in Catholic Healthcare. I do my best work when I connect passionate donors to the causes they care about. 

Mary Hackett, Databasey

Hey there, I’m Mary Hackett. I’ve worked with Raiser’s Edge™ for 25+ years. 

I spent 15 years as a major gift officer and 10 years in fundraising operations, so I speak both languages and know both sides of the house. I know how difficult it can be to see gaps and issues in your database and how frustrating it is to not have the time to fix your operations. That’s why Databasey exists — to help fundraising operations professionals and fundraisers work together to automate and fix their systems and give donors the best experience possible.



Blue is a 5 year old 90lb Goldendoodle. While not the most productive member of the staff, he is cute and energetic, contributing positively to workplace culture.

Facts about Blue:

  • He is cute
  • He is 90 lbs.
  • He is the mascot for BluePhilanthropy, LLC.

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