Fueling Worship and Ministry

All faith congregations have a desire to worship their creator. It’s what we are called to do. Worship is the heart of faith; it is where we seek communion with the Almighty. No matter your faith tradition, there is nothing more important than worship. Ministry is the fruit of faith. Imagine you are on the road to Emmaus in Luke chapter 24. You meet the Risen Lord. He stays with you and your friend on your journey. You break bread together. Do you live your life as you did before? Probably not: you respond to Christ through worship and ministry. Over 2,000 years later churches continue to innovate on ways to fuel worship and ministry. BluePhilanthropy studies the unique internal organization structures and external market and demographic factors to determine philanthropic capacity—and how to encourage generosity among congregants.

Mission Diocese Project

We are passionate about resourcing Mission Dioceses! BluePhilanthropy is currently working with 3-5 mission dioceses to baseline philanthropy statistics and define fundraising performance measures. We are operating from the premise that every diocese–big and small, wealthy or resource-scarce–has faithful followers who want to express their commitment to the faith through personal financial support. Understanding and identifying these individuals will enable mission dioceses to find new sources of fundraising revenue to fuel their mission.

Parish Optimization Project

We are currently studying the role of the parish in diocesan fundraising and the stratifications among the bishop, priests and lay faithful. What role does the parish play in grassroots philanthropy? How can a diocese successfully serve parishes to achieve mission-based outcomes on a subsidiary level?  

The Catholic Dollar

1.1% of total income: that’s how much each Catholic household gives to the Church, on average. And it lags other Christian denominations and other religions. But is that number the complete story? BluePhilanthropy is researching  the “Catholic Dollar”–how much each Catholic family gives in total to Catholic Institutions.  Understanding the total Catholic dollar will enable greater cooperation between Catholic Institutions, resulting in greater mission-impact.

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